Barage grande dixence suisse anti aging. Grande Dixence S.A.

barage grande dixence suisse anti aging

History[ edit ] Construction of the Grande Dixence inshowing the original and smaller dam at the top InEnergie Ouest Suisse EOS became established with a few small power stations. InEOS acquired the license for the upper Dixence basin.

barage grande dixence suisse anti aging

In1, workers constructed the first Dixence dam which would be complete in The original Dixence dam was submerged by the filling of Lac des Dix beginning init can still be seen when the reservoir level is low. Construction on the Barage grande dixence suisse anti aging Dixence Dam soon began later in Bytratament roșeață a pliurilor nazolabiale, workers had finished pouring 6, m3cu ft of concrete, completing the dam.

barage grande dixence suisse anti aging

At m, it was the world's tallest dam at the time, but it was surpassed by the Nurek Dam of Tajikistan in m. It remains the world's tallest gravity dam.

barage grande dixence suisse anti aging

By the time the Cleuson-Dixence Complex was complete, the power generated had more than doubled. Characteristics[ edit ] Tourists walking on metre-long top of the dam The Grande Dixence Dam is a m ft high, m 2, ft long concrete gravity dam. The dam is m ft wide at its base and 15 m 49 ft wide at its crest.

InEOS acquired the license for the upper Dixence basin.

The dam's crest reaches an altitude of 2, m 7, ft. The dam structure contains approximately 6, m3cu ft of concrete. The pumping stations transport the water through km 62 mi of tunnels into its reservoir, Lac des Dix.

Water from the 87 m ft high Cleuson Dam, located 7 km 4 mi to the northwest, is also transported from its reservoir, the Lac de Cleuson. Three penstocks transport water from Lac des Dix to the Chandoline, Fionnay, Nendaz and Bieudron power stations, before being discharged into the Rhône below.

Sleep Hôtel du Barrage In the heart of an exceptional site, the hotel welcomes you at the foot of the imposing dam. Its industrial-style building offers 60 rooms with a view over the Val des Dix. An ideal stopover for trekkers on the Val d'Hérens tour or the ideal stopover for lovers of industrial heritage to relive the epic of the dam. Read more The restaurant Located in the heart of the Valais, on a site steeped in history, the Hotel Restaurant du Barrage welcomes you to the cradle of Grande Dixence.

Although the complex operates with water being pumped from one reservoir to another, it does not technically qualify as a pumped-storage scheme. The lake is usually at full capacity by late September, and empties during the winter, eventually reaching its lowest point around April.

barage grande dixence suisse anti aging

The Grande Dixence Dam submerged the original dam but the power station still operates with water received from the reservoir of the Grande Dixence Dam, Lac des Dix. The power station is the smallest of the four, producing MW from five Pelton turbines with a gross head of 1, m 5, ft. The Nendaz power station is located within mountains between Aproz and Riddes and is the second-largest hydroelectric power station in Switzerland after the Bieudron Power Station.

barage grande dixence suisse anti aging

The water spins three pelton turbines, generating a combined capacity of 1, MW. It was taken out of service in December after the rupture of a penstock. The power station became partially operational in December and fully operational in

La Petite et la Grande Dixence

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