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NUXE Aroma-Vaillance Express - Deep Wrinkle Filler Roll-On (15ml)

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Answer: Yes! I have been using them for a while now and I have a perfectly smooth forehead. My whole family has hard lines between brows and I was starting to get them but I arrested it with Frownies.

You must wear religiously.

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And find a combination between brows that works for you. I use three a night.

It is a complex product which reduces profound wrinkles and expression lines. Active Ingredients Expression wrinkles are diminished by the miorelaxant action of Gatuline and Ginger extracts. Wrinkles are noticeably attenuated one day after application and within 10 days, the skin microrelief is substantially improved. Deep wrinkles are diminished by the synergistic action of the ingredients Trylagen, Superoxide Dismutase, Vitamin A and E that prevent structural alterations of collagen fibers and stimulate new collagen synthesis. Liposomes with Hyaluronic Acid are absorbed into the skin, the wrinkles are filled from the inside and smooth.

One diamond between brows and then one triangle on each side. Good luck! Question: Any tips on getting these to stick? Is the rose water spray really necessary? Answer: I just use water.

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I literally flash it under dripping water, stick it on my forehead first wrinkle on forehead hold it there for seconds and it's good to go. I started wearing these in my 20s and now I'm mid 50s.

NUXE Aroma-Vaillance Express - Deep Wrinkle Filler Roll-On (15ml)

No botox needed. My grandma wore them for decades before me and they really work!

A simple way to safely smooth wrinkles. Made of high quality Non woven material with no odor and irritation. It can repair and prevent wrinkles caused by skin aging, side sleeping, and even sun damage. Smooth, skin-friendly design Note: The first use is recommended within hours, and the subsequent use time is appropriately extended according to skin adaptability. Product information: Material: Non woven Color:White Suitable for: can be used for cheeks, mouth corners, corners, etc.

Question: What is the active ingredient to fight wrinkles? Answer: I don't think it's any active ingredient.

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I think it's just because they're afixed to your skin overnight so your skin doesn't "wrinkle or frown"? Works for me!

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Question: Do they have to be used every night? And can they be done during the day better?

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Answer: It works better if you use them everyday. It trains the muscles to stop moving.

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You can use them day or night. The more you use frownies, the better it works.

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Question: Are these the brown patches? Answer: Yes, first wrinkle on forehead are triangular shape brown patch Question: Do these stay on while you sleep?

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Answer: Yes they do stay on while you sleep, just minimize the moisturizer you put on your face. When you put just a tiny bit of moisturizer they do stay on, its even difficult to remove them in the morning. Question: Where are these made? Answer: Frownies are made in Dayton, Ohio.

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Question: Can these be used as a preventative tool? Answer: It is a preventive tool. I'm over fifty, and I wish I had known about frownies when I was 30 years old.

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Question: under eyes? Answer: The skin around the eye ball is not the same as the skin on the rest of the face; under the eye is very sensitive and can tear easily.

The skin on the face is attached to the muscle so by holding the skin smooth is retrains the muscle to lay flat, the skin around the eye is not attached to muscle.

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Try Frownies Under Eye Gels. Answer: You need to buy the rose water separately. I just used the toner I already owned.

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