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Participants called strongly for the government to abandon its policy of neutrality and to bring about the liberation of Transylvania. On 15 March, an important meeting was held in Iași with the support of the Cultural League.

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The demonstrations continued in April. All speakers advocated for immediate action of Romania against Austria-Hungary.

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On 30Junein Dacia room in Bucharest, there was a large national protest. At that protest attended delegations of the Cultural League from provincial towns, too. An important part of masca neagra fata Romanian public opinion often expressed feelings of sympathy and admiration for the greatest Latin power of the West. A noteworthy aspect is that the demonstrations took place in many cities of the Romanian kingdom, which represents an evidence for the great intensity of the action.

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Universul,40, Universul, This article aims to provide new information about C. President of the Romanian Academy —a recognized personality in the European scientific circles, C. Istrati was a constant supporter of the pan-Latinist movement and of the Entente. Istrati at the beginning of the year Unfortunately, history wanted something different. Born on 5 Septembera member of the Istrati Family, of which the man of letters Nicolae Istrati was also part, remembered by his contemporaries because of his anti-union ideas, but also because of the abolitionist ones, Constantin I.

Istrati dedicated himself to scientific activities2.

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He obtained in turn his Ph. Convinced by the role of the scientific education in the formation of the future generations, he founded the Romanian Society of Science, but also the Romanian Association for the Advancement and Dissemination of Science.

His passion for history took shape in studies dedicated to female education, to the churches built during the rule of Stephen the Great, but also in the monumental work dedicated to the demographic development and the state of health of the Romanian people, published in Like other responsible intellectuals of the age, he got involved in the national fight.

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He took part as a physician in the Independence War5; inhe was a member of the expedition organized by Gh.

Munteanu Murgoci to the Aromanian communities south of the Danube6; and he was an enthusiastic supporter of the fight for the union with the provinces across the mountains. His passion for history, ethnography and painting took shape in an impressive collection that represented the main part of the Turnu Severin Museum, the historic documents being preserved in the State archives branch of the above-mentioned town7. Gabriel Dichter, Doctorul C. Jianu, G. Vasiliu, Dr. Istrati București: Editura științifică, Doctorul C.

Intim, Constantin I. Istrati —Inventar arhivistic 13 București,6. Istrati was known in the European circles for his activity of promoting the Latin League, a project that started to gain ground firstly on the cultural level, in the second half of the 19th century.

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Before the Great War, there were in Bucharest several cultural associations or societies which aimed to consolidate the relations with France and Italy, with all the Latin states. Istrati was the president of the Latin Association in Bucharest. He had been planning even since to erect the statue of Trajan on the Column, and the following year he formed a commission to celebrate the semi-centenary of Italy and to appeal for the erection of a replica of the Trajan Column in Bucharest8.

The initiative was taken up again inwith the reorganisation of the Latin Association.

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At the beginning ofthis was expanding by the co-optation of the Franco-Romanian League. The elected president was C. Istrati, vice-presidents: Al. In Maythe president of the Latin Association was communicating its objectives: to erect a bronze Column in Bucharest, ending with the statue of emperor Trajan, a monument that would be inaugurated in ; to interchange students and teachers, to organise conferences, trips to the Latin countries, commercial and industrial exhibitions, to tighten commercial and cultural relations to the Latin states In the summer ofC.

Brâncoveanu was girardet rochat swiss anti aging among the leaders and, as honorary members, there were elected: His Royal 8.

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Neamul Românesc 2 January 19, girardet rochat swiss anti aging 2—3. Columna lui Traian 1 May 26, : 1—2 hereinafter, Columna Columna, 3 — 4.

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An ardent supporter of the national idea, which was closely related to the triumph of the Latin states, declared in the press, in the conferences of the Athenaeum, in front of the Romanian Society of Science, it is understandable why in September and December —MarchC. The missions which Istrati was part of, although not openly supported by the Government, were carried out with its knowledge. We can compare the missions of Istrati to those of Vasile Alecsandri inwho had been sent by Prince Cuza to sound out the Cabinets of Turin, Paris and London regarding the union of the principalities.

Their importance results from his diary and his correspondence with Emil Costinescu, the liberal Minister of Finance, and an ardent supporter of the Entente.

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Financially, the mission was supported by the mentioned personalities and its members carried recommendation letters from the French and Russian ambassadors in Bucharest Istrati, who had been since the presi Jurnal, mss.

Jurnal, mss 2723 August Ion Bulei, Arcul așteptării. Culegere de studii de istorie modernă și contemporană.

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They left for Italy, with stops in Thessaloniki, Piraeus, Naples. However, he found the French ambassador, Camille Barrére, fearful and visionless The visit of the two Romanians reverberated in the Italian press and among the men of letters In the same letter, he offered his services to become the consul of Romania in Bologna The involvement of the Government Arcul așteptări, Duca, Constantin I.

Angelescu and other officials of the Statistics Department were also present.

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They were given documents regarding the nationalities of Transylvania, ethnographic maps of Hungary and reports regarding the limits of the territorial claims girardet rochat swiss anti aging Romania. Each member of the mission was to receive 8 francs, and the legations in France and Italy were to receive propaganda funds Diamandy, for France.

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He was very pleased with the patriotism of the members of the Romanian legation, especially reminding Alexandru Gurănescu As for the Bulgarian officials he met, among which the Prime Minister, Vasil Radoslavov, Istrati had the impression, erroneous in fact, that they were starting to see the identity of interests with the Romanians.

Reaching Nis, on 7th December, he was impressed by the great number of injured people and refugees.

The following day, Prime Minister Nicola Pasici received him and the conversation was very open. As for the Balkan Block project, supported by the Entente, by means of which it wanted to get Bulgaria out of the influence of the Central Powers, the Serbian Prime Minister was very reticent.

In his opinion, the Balkan Block could be formed after having satisfied the territorial claims of Bulgaria, which meant territorial concessions from its neighbours Romania, Serbia and Greece. At the other proposal of Istrati, which regarded the establishment of a neutral territory from Midia, Radosto TekirdagConstantinople, with the latter turned into a free port of the Balkan Block, the Serbian Prime Minister answered that Russia had great interests in the area In the summary he made for Costinescu, Istrati presented the military weakness of In the trip to Italy he was accompanied by Father Vasile Lucaci and Charles and Noel Baxton, those who had survived an assassination attempt in Bucharest.

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England did not trust either Romania or a potential Balkan treaty, since it would be under the moral influence of the Orthodox Russia During the 50 minutes audience with the king of Italy, Istrati spoke to him about the Romanians of Pindus, of Hungary and of Bulgaria. The king asked about the Royal Family of Romania, about the life of the Italian families in Romania and told him that he enjoyed receiving the works of the Romanian Academy, since he was an ardent botanist.

It is worthy of note that, in the same period, Vasile Rudeanu, the head of the Superior Department of Munitions who was responsible for supplying the Romanian army with armaments and munitions was also in Italy and he was received by the king, the Prime Minister and the Minister of War The Italian Minister considered that Italy would also enter into war and understood why Romania addressed Rome, which was not only the capital of Italy, but also of the Latinity General Vasile Rudeanu, Memorii.

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