Probiotice și anti-îmbătrânire

probiotice și anti-îmbătrânire

Health Up - De ce probiotic la antibiotic

Transport Gratuit pentru comenzi mai mari de de lei Descriere produs The use of cosmetic serum supplies the skin with a maximum quantity of active ingredients in a manner quaranteeing easiest absorption. Velvety and silk-soft face serum, enriched with highly concentrated active ingredients.

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The Yoghurt probiotic, Organic Rose Oil of Bulgaria, creatine and hyaluronic acid are responsabile for protecting the skin and retaining its youthful freshness.

The Yoghurt probiotic is synthesized from live bacterial cells of Lactobacillus Bulgaricus and is isolated using hi-tech processes.

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Organic Rose Oil of Bulgaria quarantees the intensely nourishing and energizing effect. Creatine counteracts wrinkles and symptoms of aging.

Microbiomul pielii ,sau microfloraeste o colectie de microorganisme care traiesc pe pielea noastra: bacterii, ciuperci, virusi si acarieni. Pielea este al doilea si cel mai populat organ din corp, unde traiesc microorganismele ,dupa intestin. Majoritatea acestor microorganisme sunt inofensive, multe chiar benefice. Dintre toate microorganismele care populeaza pielea, bacteriile sunt cele mai frecvente. Tipurile si concentratia microorganismelor pe diversele arii ale pielii, sunt determinate de ecologia suprafetei pielii.

Hyaluronic acid restores water balance and skin elasticity. The serum is a care providing real pleasure with its delicate and delightful scent and fresh texture.

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Day after day wrinkles are reduced; skin surface is smoother and regains its probiotice și anti-îmbătrânire. Recomanded use: Apply the serum with light massage movements until fully absorbed on cleaned and dried skin of the face. Use morning and night, before and in addition to your usual skin care products - day and night cream.

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