Crema anti-imbatranire bioclona. Crema conturului ochilor pentru corectarea complexă a ridurilor Vichy Liftactiv Retinol HA

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As the years go by, our skin changes continuously, due to multiple internal and external influences, which slow down its metabolism and alter its functional processes.

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In particular, the period of menopause has a major impact on a woman's skin, representing the critical moment when the natural aging process of the skin is strongly accelerated, due to the considerable decrease of estrogen concentration, which is essential in maintaining the integrity of the skin.

As a result, thermo-epidermal junction thinning occurs, decreased cell proliferation and differentiation, subcutaneous adipose tissue degradation, and drastic reduction of collagen synthesis, hyaluronic acid and extrastellular matrix elastin. Moreover, crema anti-imbatranire bioclona decrease of hyaluronic acid and its receptors results in a loss of cell cohesion and skin elasticity with subsequent generation of marked dehydration.

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This combination of carefully studied active ingredients gives the skin the ideal comfort and balance, firmness, brightness and intense hydration. Always remember that the most important thing you need to consider in order to have beautiful and healthy skin is to provide it daily with everything it needs to maintain its balance and integrity.

Take care of your skin every day and give it all the attention it needs to radiate beauty and brightness!

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Composition and properties Gladback Poria cocos extract Innovative multifunctional active, obtained from a purified fraction of coconut Poria, which acts on the main factors responsible for maintaining skin integrity - hyaluronic acid and its receptors, collagen and proteins responsible for the formation of the corneal layer.

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