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Out of gallery Întotdeauna respectă anatomia! Buzele pot fi superbe atunci când sunt injectate de doctorul potrivit, care știe să spună nu, atunci când e prea mult.

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Corecții pentru a obține simetrie Dacă sunt asimetrii proeminente fillerele pot fi filler hyaluronic acid lip ajutor. La fiecare consultație În cabinet vom decide împreună ce marcă de filler și ce cantitate voi injecta. Vei primi o agendă de frumusețe unde voi trece procedurile, cantitatea și data.

Atunci vom stabili frecvența și prețul.

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Out of gallery Lips What filler should I use and what quantity? During your consultation with me, we will decide together how much and what brand of filler will be used.

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We will also discuss the price at that time so that there are no surprises post treatment. What products are available? These are safe, effective injectable gels that restore volume to the skin, lifting and smoothing out wrinkles and folds. How long does the filler last in the lips? The amount of lip filler needed in a procedure and the length of time it lasts depends on the individual.

Hyaluronic Acid tends to last between four and six months. If you're thinner, you metabolise faster and the solution gets broken down quicker - so they don't last as long. Also, if you smoke, don't hydrate, don't use lip balm, go often to the gym, stress a lot - these are all factors that make the hyaluronic acid disappear faster.

Is the procedure painful?

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How long does it take? Many treatments do not require anesthetics.

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However, some patient feels more comfortable with an anesthetic cream. After anesthesia we wait for a few minutes and then, considering the amount of filler injected it can take x minutes Should I massage lips after fillers? Please send me a message and I will explain you personally. Is injecting hyaluronic acid into lips safe?

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Hyaluronic acid is safe when injected appropriately. Rarely, hyaluronic acid may cause allergic reactions.

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Side effects are temporary and should only last a few days. They may include: Bleeding from the injection sites Swelling and bruising Redness and tenderness at the site of the injection.

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Call me immediately if you experience extreme swelling or develop a fever. What's a normal cycle for filling lips?

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